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Hardwood lumber

Need quality hardwood lumber that is a notch above the rest?

Get Groupe Savoie quality lumber.

We use modern technologies to maximize our yield and ensure the highest quality hardwood lumber for our customers. Using The TrimExpert™ 3D geometric reading of all wood pieces, you can rest assured knowing that the lumber you’re using is on target for your job.

While our species are mainly hard maple, white and yellow birch, red maple and aspen, we can also carry oak, ash, and beech. All of our products are available green or kiln-dry. We also offer cants of various sizes and railroad ties.

And don’t worry about production capacity! Groupe Savoie has a total capacity of over 80 million FBM annually (190 000 m3). You need it—we’ve got it. Groupe Savoie also offers custom-grade lumber, providing the right quality and consistency you need for your lumber projects.

Hardwood lumber
Railway ties & Other Dimensions