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With our wood pallets, durability and flexibility go hand in hand.

Discover why Groupe Savoie is renowned for quality pallets that stand the test of time.

Groupe Savoie specializes in manufacturing TWO main types of pallets: stringers and blocks pallets. We can design any type of pallet that meets our clients’ quality and sizing needs.

The species used to produce our pallets are mostly hard maple, birch and aspen—We can make combination based on client requests.

For customers needing treatment before exporting their products, we are also certified to heat-treat our pallets; our pallet products meet the ISPM15 standard for exporting. Our pallets can also be treated with anti-stain solutions during warm periods of the year to prevent molding.

Getting the quality pallet sub-products has never been easier.

Groupe Savoie offers wood pallet sub-products for all of your shipping needs.

As your go-to source for all types of wood pallet products, Groupe Savoie manufactures a wide variety of pallet with varying degrees of quality and robustness.

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