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Pallets components

pallets components

Our pre-cut material: easy and simple to meet all of your needs.

Discover why Groupe Savoie is renowned for quality pallets that stand the test of time.

Groupe Savoie offers a wide variety of pallet components tailored to your needs. We can offer wood that is cut-to-size to pallet assemblers or companies looking to repair their current pallets.

The species used to produce our precut material are mostly hard maple, birch and aspen. We can adjust the grade based on our customers’ specifications. What’s more: our factories are equipped with advanced scanners that can read the grade of each pallet component, which in turn ensures a grade consistency and stability that is beyond compare!

For customers needing treatment before exporting their products, we are also certified to heat-treat our pallet components; our components meet the rigid requirements of the ISPM15 standard for exporting. Our pallet components can also be treated with anti-stain solutions during warm periods of the year to prevent mold.

Precut Lumber - Regular or chamfered
Stringers - notched or regular